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I have decided to talk less about politics and more about Economics and Investments.  But who knows, I may end up talking about health, fitness and nutrition, topics that I care about and I know you might be interested in, as well.

Why shift away from Politics?  Simple.  I figured out that by now most Americans recognize how crooked our politicians are so why bother reminding everyone about this?  So, I decided to talk about a subject very few understand, a subject that influences political decisions and very much affects our lives.  Economics is not hard to understand if presented in easy and simple terms. My goal is to present it in this fashion to you so you can understand more.  I have had it with how modern macro economists portray the future of our country.  They really are not fooling me and please, don’t let them fool you into thinking the recession is over.  Their stories won’t make good bed time stories, either!

When I present you with important economic data you can draw your own conclusion.  Whether you agree with me or not, it’s still a wise idea to prepare yourself financially for the future.  I will talk about Asset Preservation and Investments (Financial Assets versus Hard Assets).  As always, your opinions count, so please feel free to comment on my blog.  And if you like it enough and would like to be notified every time I add more valuable economic and investment info please don’t be shy and subscribe to my blog.  I promise that you won’t be bored!

One more thing…the more we know about these kind of issues the more we can impact how our corrupt politicians vote and the better prepared we are to face the challenges ahead of us.  Cheers to all of you!

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