Oil Investments Webinar Wednesday, June 22nd

It is a classic supply and demand situation . . . Soaring demand and dwindling supply!  The earth’s oil reserves are projected to be totally depleted in the next 100 years.

Between Feb. 18th and March 12th 2011, the price of oil surged 17% to $101/Barrel.  It went as high as $115/Barrel and is around $100/Barrel now!  Many are predicting it will soon reach $150/Barrel.  When inflation takes off, as many are predicting because of the Fed’s commitment to print, print, print as much money as it takes to keep the economy from sinking now, it is anybody’s guess how high it will go in terms of dollars.

The World’s thirst for energy/oil is rapidly increasing.  Much of the
rise in consumption is coming from China and India.  See chart below:

So how can you take a position in this commodity where demand is increasing
exponentially and create wealth for you and your family?  There is a way that you
can easily realize large profits in a short period of time.  It is investing in a new
technology high output horizontally
drilled oil & gas well that is a couple of months
away from
full production.

With an investment of only $46,875 you own 1% of the wells production, which is
projected to conservatively be 250 Barrels of Oil per
day and 800 mcf of gas per
day.  Based on today’s oil and
gas prices, this would give you a net monthly income
of over $6,000.  Your first check would be in three
to four months and would continue
after month for 10, 15 or more years.

Perfect for your self-directed IRA’s and 401K’s.  This is a great retirement program!!!

A major benefit of this investment is that it will give you a significant level of financial
security as Americans face an uncertain future because of the unprecedented

economic uncertainty that exists today in this country and globally.

JOIN US for a WEBINAR on WEDNESDAY, June 22nd at 7:00 PM EST/4:00 PM PDT and get all of the details!

Note: there are a limited number of units available for investors.  Many units were purchased immediately after this offering was released a few weeks ago. Once they are gone that’s it . . . no more.


Space is limited.
Reserve your Webinar seat now at:


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